We are Austrias first mountain bike school - since 1999!

That's how long we've been fine-tuning our riding technique lessons, constantly adapting our concept to new findings, developing new teaching strategies and continuing our education.

Kurt Exenberger, head of the Bike Academy, trains his guides himself and makes sure that they always remain on the "wheel of time", working on their riding technique and teaching methodology.


Private training

Your personal trainer adapts the content and methodological steps exactly to you. This private technical training you can also book for a group of up to 8 people per coach in the desired period.

Group training

Our intensive group course, takes place every Monday from May to September and is offered in 2 levels. The training lasts 4 hours and will be analyzed on screen during the session.

Ride & Learn

Ride & Learn combines a two-hour riding technique training with a guided tour in the afternoon
where you can try out what's been learned, under the guidance of an instructor.

Technical training for e-biker

Especially e-bikers need skills training. Why? Electrically driven, you get easily into the mountains and do not need this much experience and fitness. But how do you get back down? Pedelecs or electric bikes are heavier and push the brakes more often. They are not ideally equipped for rides on steep slopes or even singletracks. Therefore, it takes a basic knowledge of technical riding skills to safely come back down to the valley.

With us you will learn the basics in a safe environment with educational professionals as trainers. Of course, we can also teach advanced techniques, but mostly the basics are missing.

Our training ground - OD Trails

A very important part of our courses is the new bike park in Oberndorf!

There is everything you need for an effective training! Short distances between different types of terrain and well-secured practice areas. The terrain enables us to perfectly break down all areas of MTB riding techniques into methodical steps and thus to teach riding technique safely and successfully. The park is suitable for beginners up to XC / marathon professionals.

Newcomers to the world of bike parks can gradually and safely approach small to medium jumps. Children can also let off steam while their parents can keep an eye on them.

You can find more infos here: OD Trails - Oberndorf in Tirol

The mastermind behind the riding technique concept of the Bikeacademy

Kurt Exenberger runs the Bike Academy since 1999. For so many years now he engages himself intensively with the topic 'Riding technique training'. He built up the overall World Cup winner Lisi Osl, worked with World Champion Alban Lakata, supervised the Olympian Christoph Soukop, coached junior world champion Robert Gehbauer, organized mountainbike riding technique camps along with Guido Tschugg and trained with Alexander Gehbauer, one of the best Austrian XC rider. He is also an instructor at the Austrian Academy of Physical Education in Vienna, trains still regularly the Austrian Cross Country team and provides further education for MTB riding technique trainers, including the South Tyrolean bike guides. Himself he still takes an active part in enduro and downhill races. Besides, he is also one of the driving forces in the promotion of young talents in Kirchberg, such as Armin Embacher or Max Foidl.